• Speakers : PSI Audio A17M on Isoacoustics stands
  • Audio Interface : RME UFX+
  • Hardware gear :

    • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur Creme – Bus Compressor – SSL Style + Mastering Equalizer – Pultec Style
    • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur VariTube Compressor VTC – Mastering and Bus Compressor
    • Tegeler Audio Manufaktur TSM – Tube Summing Mixer
    • Wesaudio  _PROMETHEUS – Pultec Style EQ with Full Digital Recall
    • Wesaudio _MIMAS X 2 – 1176 compressor with Full Digital Recall
    • Bettermaker C502V Pure Analog Compression with Full Digital Recall
    • Ferrofish Pulse 16 16×16 AD/DA & ADAT Convertor
  • Windows 10 / 64 bits platform . AMD Threadripper 2950x 16 Core / 32 Threads – 32GB ram – MSI GeForce RTX 2080 VENTUS – 3TB SSD .
  • DAW :  Presonus Studio One v4 Professional  Ableton Live  / FL Studio / Cubase 10
My name is Iulian Mihaila and I am a self-taugh mixing and mastering engineer from Romania .


Charles Bryan LAX

“His Mixing and Mastering services are top notch! Iulian goes above and beyond to deliver state of the art finished products & sounds, nothing less than above quality!

In addition, the customer support and contact is extremely professional. You can tell that Iulian has a passion for what he does, and it protrudes via his mixes.”

Young Jefe Ent

My boy Iulian at 2probeats has mixed and mastered a couple of songs for us and has done a awesome job we are pleased with his mixes and masters which made are songs sound ten times better and up there with the pros! we will definitely keep using the homie for our new tracks at Young Jefe Ent! I strongly recommend 2probeats for all your mixes and masters !

Frank Everest

“Iulian is truly a rare find. He takes tremendous pride in his work and is 100% committed to making your project the best it can possibly be. Working with him as a mixing and mastering engineer has taken my music to the next level and I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with him on an ongoing basis.”


lulian “2probeats” mixing and mastering services is the best! As a producer/engineer I knew my craft could benefit from learning mixing and mastering, which I really was impressed with his consulting services.
Not only did he improve my mixes by providing me tips that he actually uses, but he made it a priority to respond to other questions that could benefit my skills with producing and engineering.


DSC02175 (1)

‘Iulian is seriously the best engineer that I’ve worked with. He is always in communication with me, he provides drafts every step of the way, he truly cares about my music,
he always investing in new industry standard gear, and on top of that my songs have been the radio, he goes far and beyond satisfaction for your product.  Hire him.


Iulian has the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. He goes far and away to reach the sound I’m hoping for. Not only is his customer service top notch, he’s extremely reliable and rather quick with sending mixes. Last but not least, his quality and abilities when it comes to mixing and mastering are elite. Industry level sounds from 2probeats every single time!


Él G

Iulian is a professional in every aspect of his Mixing and Mastering magic he provides. The passion he puts in his art is unbeatable and he goes the extra mile to satisfy his customers with extraordinaire communication. Replies to my special requests were always fulfilled and delivered timely. He is making sure the sound matches the needs and wishes of the musician to guarantee the best possible quality of the end product.


“Easy to work with.”
“At certain points I felt he loved my music more than me.”
“One of the fastest turnarounds I’ve experienced from an engineer.”
“I’ve used his services over a span of a year and he’s grown a lot”

image1 (2)
Firetracks Hitmen Entertainment

I’ve worked with quiet a few mixing & mastering Engineers prior to finding 2Probeats, and I’m glad I did! He gives you that industry sound and polish that you need for your records. As a Producer he listens to my feedback and adjust accordingly until I’m satisfied, lending is creative input along the way. Also SUPER easy to work with and his communication with everyone involved is excellent. Don’t take my word for it though. See/listen for yourself!


„I‘ve met Iulian over Instagram because I was searching for a good engineer. Ever since then we‘ve already worked together and did some songs.
Iulian is very passionate about his work same as me. Thats why our connection is on a whole another level. Love working with him and we will make it far. Remeber that.“


Iulian Mihaila (2probeats) is the number one dude to go to for nearly anything music related.
After watching his YouTube videos where he explains his process, I knew that I could trust
him to work with my music and help me develop my vision. As an artist I’ve worked with many
producers and engineers and they just haven’t had the passion that he does. Iulian shows passion
in his work by spending adequate time and consideration on your pieces. He’s honest and genuine,
and aspires to create the sound YOU want. He’s flexible, easy to work with, and an amazing musical
talent. If you want good-sounding industry standard music Iulian is the way to go!

Elajah Mouhammed

In the short time that I’ve known IuIian I have to say he has done more for me then I think he should have I think anyone who works with him will agree that what he does for us may be more then any other mixer would this isn’t just a job to him it’s a passion I’ve seen him elevate, create and work tirelessly for days at a time on a track until he gets your exact vision down it’s almost like a science his brain just works differently then most and he really embodies the artist he works with and focuses on your individual needs He’s easy to talk to, not afraid to experiment so don’t be afraid to ask!!!